1. Each doctoral student follows the educational program and an individual research plan under the guidance of a supervisor (and possibly an auxiliary supervisor).

2. The curriculum spans eight semesters; in semesters I-II, there is one program for all doctoral students, with two parallel seminars planned (on information technologies and biomedical technologies); for semesters III-VIII, the program is designed individually. For semesters II-VIII, 4 blocks of courses are planned, including seminars (semesters III-VIII) and elective lectures (semesters III-VI).

3. The range of elective lectures may be increased by lectures on new / pioneering research directions.

4. The total number of exchange points required for finishing the TIB PAN Doctoral School is 240 credit points (CP) corresponding to ETCS points, 62 of which must be obtained by attending courses, and the rest by carrying out an individual research plan. One CP point corresponds to 30 hours of work by a doctoral student (15 hours of classes + 15 hours of individual work in the case of courses, or 30 hours of work in the case of pursuing the research plan).

5. The method of evaluating the knowledge, competences and social skills acquired during classes is determined by the teacher of a course.

6. The Head of the School, at the request of a doctoral student supported by their supervisor, may allow for the student’s ECTS points obtained earlier and PK points awarded for participation in summer schools and conferences on the student’s research topic (1 PK = 1 ETCS).